SVLC Program Leadership Team

SVLC Program Leadership Teams


The mandate of the Program Leadership Team is to coordinate parent leadership team activities and to provide guidance to the principal for making program decisions.

      Activities include:

  • Monthly meetings on campus
  • Provide leadership to parent teams
  • Monitoring of team mandates
  • Decisions are based on consensus
  • Meetings are facilitated by the principal 

Membership & Term

Members are the acting chairs of each parent team, a student leader and the school principal.  Term is a minimum of two years, and a maximum of two terms. 

      Members are the principal, a student leader, and chairs of the following teams:

  • Education & Support
  • Community Development
  • Parent Voice
  • Campus Care
  • Boosters


The team meets monthly on campus, and is facilitated by the principal.  Decisions and recommendations are by consensus, with all potential program changes first requiring approval from the principal.


A secretary is nominated by the team members, and is responsible for taking and posting written minutes from each meeting in the Family Room and on the school website.