Campus Care


The mandate of the Campus Care team is to assist the administration with maintenance and development of the school campus and facilities. 

Activities include:

  • Coordinate use of the Family Room
  • Create a list for how parents can be involved
  • Help with campus supervision during the school day
  • Develop and maintain a team “continuity” folder (eliminate duplication of efforts)

Membership & Term

Team consists of 3 or more parents appointed by current committee members for a minimum of one year.  Chair must serve for a minimum of two years, a maximum of two terms, and serve on the Program Leadership Team.


The team meets monthly or as needed, and is facilitated by the team chair.  The chair is nominated and chosen by the team members.  Recommendations for program changes to the Program Leadership Team are made by consensus.  Decisions are limited to the team mandate.


The team chair is responsible for reporting monthly to the Program Leadership Team regarding Campus Care activities.